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2011 3rdAnnual IrishDawg42 CollaborativeMockDraft

NOTE: All bold information below is info that has been added since the original post, so please go over any bolded info in case you have not seen it before!!

The 3rd annual collaborative mock draft is scheduled to begin Friday, April 8th . It will be a 7 round mock draft with REAL fans of the teams choosing their new rookies of their respective teams.

There will be no current roster players traded in this mock . Any Real Life trades that occur and do not disrupt the current flow of the draft will be incorporated into the mock. IE…If we are in the 2nd round and Philadelphia trades a Kevin Kolb for a first round pick, we will ignore the trade rather than re-drafting the first round. If we are in the first round and a player is traded for any later picks, this trade will be taken into account and the draft will be adjusted by me at that time to include the real life trade.

We will also be on a schedule during this mock. The schedule will be posted at the bottom of this page and you will have one hour to turn in your draftee. If due to trade you end up with multiple picks in a row, you will have until the end of your final pick to make all picks. This is when your one hour overtime rule will begin. Please bear in mind, someone can essentially make a pick before your "multiple" picks though as all picks will be chosen AFTER your overtime hour is absolved. As outlined here; After the one hour time is up, we will move on to the next team and that pick can be turned in any time up to 1 hour past the scheduled pick. (In other words 1 pick past) At that time a predetermined pick will be made at the moderators discretion based on input from that teams message boards. If you are not going to available for your slotted time, you will need to make a list of needs and wants with specific instructions in order for the moderators to make that pick for you. The schedule will be listed as soon as the compensatory picks are announced.

ALL Trades must be PMd to me(Irish Dawg 42) in order to be finalized. If any trade is questioned as to fairness, I will review it and discussvia PM at my discretion and determine whether to allow it. Unless it comes up to a ridiculously lopsided trade though, I will warn that it will probably be allowed. We will ask for all parties in the trade to give an explanation as to why they made the trade and move on to our decision from there. Drafted players are allowed to be traded within a realistic setting, which will be determined by myself. If you get bored in the 5th round and decide to trade your 1st rounder for a couple of 5's and 6's so that you have something to do, it will be vetoed.

Trading future draft picks..

These are allowed, but it will be at my discretion whether or not it is a realistic trade.


In other words if you trade a 2nd and a 4th in the 2012 draft for a 2nd in this year's mock...while the pick is OTC, you will not be able to turn around and offer that pick up for trade. For that matter ANY pick traded while OTC will require an actual pick be made. There will not be an offer made for another trade unless it is a 3 team trade to begin with. IRL, there is only 10 minutes in the 1st round and 5 minutes thereafter to make these deals. In no circumstance is there enough time to put together a deal for a draft pick, then offer it to trade away.


I would suggest consulting the draft trade value chart shown HERE to avoid any controversy. You don't have to follow to the letter, but use it as a guide. Example Trading down from #2 overall to #20 overall and only receiving a 4th rounder as compensation is NOT going to be allowed.


Making picks and teams that miss their time slot

Here is how it works, if a team misses their spot they have another hour(or 1 pick) to make their selection before I get a concensus and make the pick for them. Any team OFFICIALLY on the clock can make their pick and the team that missed their slotted time misses out on that player selected. However, if a team that is not officially on the clock yet makes a selection, the team that has missed it's slot can over rule that team and take the player selected. As soon as a team goes into their official time slot, their selection becomes official . Under no circumstances once a pick is made, whether by the GM in their time slot or by me once the time penalty is extinguished, will the pick be changed. Once recorded, that is the pick.


Team A slotted 1-2pm

Team B slotted 2-3pm

Team C slotted 3-4pm

at 2pm team A has not made their selection and has gone into past due status, team B is now officially on the clock and takes QB(a), in the meantime during team Bs slotted time of 2-3pm Team C comes on and selects QB(b). Now before Team Bs time is up, Team A comes on to make their selection, they can not take team Bs selection as it was done under their OFFICIAL time slot, but they can take team Cs selection until 3PM when Team C is officially on the clock.

If you do miss your pick without any prior notice, you will have about 5 hours after your pick to get with me why you missed before I replace you. Once replaced, whether it is a true fan or not, the new GM will remain for the duration of the mock.

Updated members list: These are confirmed ...If you want to be considered for a certain team GM replacement, please PM me.

Teams                                   GM

Arizona                                  BMU_1963   replaced by flourfiend permanently 2011 CONFIRMED

Atlanta                                 Doctor Monkey 2011 CONFIRMED

Baltimore                             RavenROC 2011 CONFIRMED 

Buffalo                                 Sportsfreak2369     2011 CONFIRMED

Carolina                                CarolnaFaithful    2011CONFIRMED

Chicago                                 Scyte&Hammer 2011 CONFIRMED

Cincinnati                              Zogger    replaced by bandit_11 permanently 2011 CONFIRMED

Cleveland                              Irish Dawg 42 (Moderator) 2011 CONFIRMED

Dallas                                     roxfan4life   2011 CONFIRMED

Denver                                  Denvergregs 2011 CONFIRMED

Detroit                                  Quew777    2011 CONFIRMED

Green Bay                           Packers500    XWeaponX22 replaced by gnat52577 permanently 2011 CONFIRMED  

Houston                              RTTRUTH 2011 (ALT Moderator) CONFIRMED

Indianapolis                        cirknick   2011 CONFIRMED

Jacksonville                        JaguarFan34   2011 CONFIRMED

Kansas City                        Death2Broncos2     2011 CONFIRMED

Miami                                   Fallen Poultry   IAMHASBEEN4LIFE replaced by jd03fins   2011 CONFIRMED

Minnesota                            iVeN1473   2011 CONFIRMED

New England                        neilp replaced by beachbum312   2011 CONFIRMED

New Orleans                       Nightshade1   2011 CONFIRMED

NY Giants                            G-MenMetsDevs 2011 CONFIRMED

NY Jets                                BIGTIME JERSEY 2011 CONFIRMED

Oakland                               playa21 2011 CONFIRMED

Philadelphia                         bishopshuice   2011 CONFIRMED

Pittsburgh                            nybites 2011 CONFIRMED

San Diego                            LAOJoe 2011 CONFIRMED

San Francisco                    thrashard3407 2011 CONFIRMED

Seattle                                 DrTruth2 2011 CONFIRMED

St. Louis                              Angels_Rams 2011 CONFIRMED

Tampa Bay                         El Patron 2011 CONFIRMED

Tennessee                          cawsnallthis   2011 CONFIRMED

Washington                        sthomas086   2011 CONFIRMED

For discussion involving the upcoming mock a thread will be created a week prior to the draft once the schedule is out and I would appreciate if all discussion was held on that thread. I would like to keep this blog page as clean as possible in order to make updates without it being 5 pages long. Please go to the official thread and "check in" ASAP so that we have a record of all GMs for PMing purposes throughout the draft:

Official thread is now active, link below;

Irish Dawg Collaborative Pick and Discussion Thread

Please get an avatar relevant to your team for ease of recognition when posting!

**GM of the Colts, cirknick, has made some awesome avatars for each of us to use during the 2 week draft. Please PM him and he will give you the link to get yours. I would prefer you use these avs so that we don't have confusion on who is a GM or not on a team. Thanks cirknick!!

Thank you,


Pick schedule and update list:

All times are EST  

~ Trade key at the end of each round :  

Bold=trade made in this mock

Non Bold=Trade made in real life and incorporated in

Round 1
   1.   1    Car                Apr 8   7:00am    select         Marcell Dareus, DT Alabama      
   2.   2    Den               Apr 8   8:00am    select           Nick Fairley, DT Auburn    
   3.   3    Buf                Apr 8   9:00am    select         Patrick Peterson, CB LSU  
   4.   4    Cin                Apr 8 10:00am    select           Julio Jones, WR Alabama  
   5.   5    Ari                 Apr 8 11:00am   select         Von Miller, LB Texas A & M  
   6.   6    Cle                Apr 8 12:00pm   select            A.J. Green, WR Georgia  
   7.   7    SF                  Apr 8  1:00pm     select         Robert Quinn, DE North Carolina   
   8.   8    Ten               Apr 8  2:00pm    select            Cam Newton, QB Auburn 
   9.   9    Dal                 Apr 8  3:00pm    select            Tyron Smith, OT USC 
  10.10    Min frmWas    Apr 8   4:00pm   select            Blaine Gabbert, QB Missouri 
  11.11    Hou               Apr 8  5:00pm    select             Prince Amukamara, CB Nebraska  
  12.12    WasfrmMin     Apr 8  6:00pm     select        Aldon Smith, LB Missouri  
  13.13    Det                Apr 8  7:00pm   select          Da'Quan Bowers DE, Clemson  
  14.14    StL                Apr 8  8:00pm     select       Cameron Jordan, DE California 
  15.15   Mia                  Apr 8  9:00pm   select          Mike Pouncey, G/C Florida 
  16.16    TB frmJax       Apr 8 10:00pm    select        Ryan Kerrigan, DE Purdue 
  17.17    NE frmOak  Apr 8 11:00pm  select            Anthony Castonzo, OT Boston College  
  18.18    SD                 Apr 9 12:00am    select         J.J. Watt, DE Wisconsin  
  19.19    NYG                Apr 9  7:00am   select          Nate Solder, OT Colorado  
  20.20    Cinfrm JaxfrmTB  Apr 9  8:00am  select       Jake Locker, QB Washington 
  21.21    KC                  Apr 9  9:00am    select          Phil Taylor, DT Baylor  
  22.22    Ind                Apr 9 10:00am    select         Derek Sherrod, OT Mississippi State  
  23.23    Phi                 Apr 9 11:00am   select      Jimmy Smith, CB Colorado  
  24.24    NO                Apr 9 12:00pm     select      Adrian Clayborn, DE Iowa  
  25.25    Sea               Apr 9  1:00pm     select        Ryan Mallett, QB Arkansas  
  26.26    Bal                Apr 9  2:00pm      select      Gabe Carimi, OT Wisconsin  
  27.27    Atl                Apr 9   3:00pm    select       Mark Ingram, RB Alabama  
  28.28    NE                 Apr 9  4:00pm       select       Justin Houston, OLB Georgia  
  29.29    Chi                Apr 9  5:00pm     select       Corey Liuget, DT Illinois  
  30.30    Dal frmNYJ      Apr 9   6:00pm     select       Cameron Heyward, DE tOSU  
  31.31    Pit                Apr 9   7:00pm    select         Muhammad Wilkerson, DT Temple   
  32.32    GB                 Apr 9   8:00pm     select      Brooks Reed, OLB Arizona 

# Oakland>New England:Richard Seymour
# Washington>Minnesota #10 for #12 and #106
# Tampa Bay>Jacksonville #16 for #20 and #84
# Jacksonville>Cincinnati #20 for #35, #66 and #134
# NY Jets>Dallas #30 for #40, #110 and #143

Round 2
   1. 33    NE frm Car   Apr 9   9:00pm    select      Danny Watkins, G Baylor  
   2.34    SD frmBuf      Apr 9    10:00pm   select      Akeem Ayers, OLB UCLA  
   3. 35     Jax frmCin   Apr 9   11:00pm  select     Martez Wilson, ILB Illinois 
   4.36    Den                 Apr 10   12:00am   select      Stephen Paea, DT Oregon State  
   5. 37    Ten frmCle     Apr 10  7:00am    select        Marvin Austin, DT North Carolina 
   6.38    Ari                   Apr 10   8:00am     select       Aaron Williams, CB/S Texas 
   7. 39    Cle frmTen      Apr 10   9:00am   select       Jabaal Sheard, DE Pittsburgh 
   8.40    NYG frmNYJfrmDal Apr 10    10:00am  select       Bruce Carter, OLB North Carolina  
   9. 41    StL frmWas                Apr 10   11:00am   select      Jon Baldwin, WR Pittsburg h
  10.42    Hou                Apr 10    12:00pm select       Rahim Moore, FS UCLA  
  11.43    Min                  Apr 10   1:00pm    select       Brandon Harris, CB Miami  
  12.44    Det                 Apr 10   2:00pm     select       Torrey Smith, WR Maryland  

  13.45    SF                   Apr 10    3:00pm    select        Colin Kaepernick , QB Nevada
  14.46  Den frm Mia    Apr 10    4:00pm      select          Mikel LeShoure, RB Illinois
  15.47   Was frmStL    Apr 10   5:00pm     select       Ryan Williams, RB Virginia Tech 
  16.48    Oak                Apr 10    6:00pm   select        Marcus Cannon, OG/OT TCU 
  17.49   Jax                 Apr 10   7:00pm     select       Christian Ponder, QB Florida State  
  18.50    Buf frmSD         Apr 10   8:00pm    select        Kyle Rudolph, TE Notre Dame 
  19.51   TB                   Apr 10   9:00pm     select        Curtis Brown, CB Texas  
  20.52    NYJ frmNYG      Apr 10   10:00pm   select        Leonard Hankerson, WR Miami  
  21.53   Ind                 Apr 10   11:00pm   select         Rodney Hudson, G/C Florida State 
  22.54    Phi                  Apr 11    12:00am  select        Ben Ijalana, OG/OT Villanova 
  23.55   KC                  Apr 11   7:00am      select      Stefen Wisniewski, C Penn State  
  24.56    NO                  Apr 11  8:00am      select        Mason Foster, OLB Washington  
  25.57   Sea                Apr 11    9:00am     select      Ras-I Dowling, CB Virginia  
  26.58    Bal                  Apr 11  10:00am    select       Davon House, CB New Mexico State  
  27.59    Cin frmAtl      Apr 11   11:00am    select       DeMarco Murray, RB Oklahoma  
  28.60    NE                   Apr 11    12:00pm  select        Randall Cobb, WR Kentucky  
  29.61 Buf frmSDfrmNYJApr 11  1:00pm      select       Christian Ballard, DE Iowa 
  30.62    Chi                 Apr 11     2:00pm   select        James Brewer, OT Indiana 
  31.63    Pit                 Apr 11    3:00pm    select       Orlando Franklin, OT Miami  
  32.64    GB                  Apr 11     4:00pm   select       Jarvis Jenkins, DT/DE Clemson  

# Carolina>New England:Armanti Edwards
# Miami>Denver:Brandon Marshall
# NY Jets>San Diego Antonio Cromartie
# Jacksonville>Cincinnati #20 for #35, #66 and #134
# NY Jets>Dallas #30 for #40, #110 and #143
# Buffalo>SD #34, #100 and 2012 3rd round for #50 and #61
# Cleveland>Minnesota #37 for #39 and#175
# New York Jets>New York Giants #40 for #52, #117 and #185
# Washington>St. Louis #41, #177 and #214 for #47 and #112
# Atlanta>Cincinnati #59 for future 2nd(2012 draft) and future 5th(2012 draft)

Round 3
   1.65    Car                  Apr 11   5:00pm    select      Drake Nevis, DT LSU 
   2.66    Jax frmCin    Apr 11   6:00pm    select        Quinton Carter, S Oklahoma 
   3.67    Den                 Apr 11   7:00pm    select      Colin McCarthy , LB Miami 
   4.68    Buf                   Apr 11 8:00pm      select       Quan Sturdivant, LB North Carolina  
   5.69    Ari                   Apr 11 9:00pm      select        Andy Dalton, QB TCU
   6.70    Cle                   Apr 11 10:00pm    select        Kenrick Ellis, DT Hampton 
   7.71    Dal                  Apr 11  11:00pm   select       Marcus Gilbert, OT Florida 
   8.72    NO                    Apr 12  12:00am    select        Chris Carter, OLB Fresno State 
   9.73     Hou                Apr 11  7:00am     select         Sam Acho, DE/OLB Texas 
  10.74   NE frm Min      Apr 12   8:00am    select        Dontay Moch, OLB Nevada  
  11.75    SD frmDet      Apr 12  9:00am     select        James Carpenter, OT Alabama 
  12.76    SF                    Apr 12  10:00am   select       Johnny Patrick, CB Louisville 
  13.77    Ten                 Apr 12  11:00am   select        Luke Stocker, TE Tennessee 
  14.78    StL                   Apr 12  12:00pm   select        Greg Jones, LB Michigan State  
  15.79    Mia                 Apr 12  1:00pm      select        Daniel Thomas, RB Kansas State  
  16.80    Jax                  Apr 12 2:00pm      select        Titus Young, WR Boise State  
  17.81  Atl frmOak    Apr 12 3:00pm      select           Joseph Barksdale, OT LSU 

  18.82    Det frmSD         Apr 12 4:00pm       select        Jerrel Jernigan, WR Troy  
  19.83    NYG               Apr 12  5:00pm      select       Tyler Sash, SS Iowa  
  20.84    Jax frmTB         Apr 12  6:00pm     select       Allen Bailey, DE Miami 
  21.85    Phi                 Apr 12  7:00pm       select     Will Rackley , G Lehigh  

  22.86    KC                   Apr 12 8:00pm      select       Greg Little, WR North Carolina  
  23.87    Ind                Apr 12 9:00pm        select       DeAndre McDaniel, SS Clemson 
  24.88    NO                 Apr 12 10:00pm      select        Sione Fua , DT Stanford 
  25.89 Det frmSDfrmSea Apr 12  11:00pm    select      Curtis Marsh , CB Utah State 

  26.90    Bal                Apr 13  12:00am      select       Jurrell Casey, DT USC  
  27.91    Oak frmAtl     Apr 13   7:00am      select      John Moffitt, OG/C Wisconsin 
  28.92    NE                 Apr 13  8:00am        select       Brandon Burton, CB Utah 

  29.93    Chi                 Apr 13  9:00am       select       Austin Pettis, WR Boise State  
  30.94    NYJ                Apr 13   10:00am     select       Lawrence Guy , DT Arizona State  
  31.95    Pit                 Apr 13 11:00am      select        Shareece Wright, CB USC 
  32.96    GB                 Apr 13   12:00pm     select       Chimdi Chekwa, CB tOSU  
  33.97    Car(COMP)  Apr 13 1:00pm        select       Clint Boling, OG Georgia  

# Seattle>San Diego:Charlie Whitehurst
# Washington>New Orleans:Jamaal Brown(pick could go to Eagles if McNabb meets certain criteria)
# Minnesota>New England:Randy Moss
# Jacksonville>Cincinnati #20 for #35, #66 and #134
# Detroit>San Diego #75, #107 and #154 for #82, #89 and #183
# Oakland>Atlanta #81 and #220 for #91 and #158

Round 4
   1.98    Car                  Apr 13   2:00pm        select      D.J. Williams, TE Arkansas  
   2.99   Sea frmNEfrmDen Apr  13  3:00pm select      Terrell McClain, DT South Florida  
   3.100   SD frmBuf      Apr 13   4:00pm     select     Edmund Gates, WR Abilene Christian  
   4.101    Cin                   Apr 13 5:00pm      select       Pierre Allen , DE Nebraska 
   5.102    Cle                   Apr 13 6:00pm       select       Pernell McPhee, DE Mississippi State 
   6.103    Ari                   Apr 13 7:00pm       select        Lance Kendricks, TE Wisconsin 
   7.104    Phi frmWas   Apr 13  8:00pm     select       Casey Matthews , LB Oregon 
   8.105    Hou                  Apr 13  9:00pm     select        Jerrell Powe, DT Mississippi
   9.106    Was frmMin  Apr 13  10:00pm     select         Tandon Doss ,WR Indiana

  10.107   SD frmDet         Apr 13   11:00pm    select         Kelvin Sheppard , LB LSU  
  11.108    SF                   Apr 14  12:00am     select        Kendall Hunter, RB Oklahoma State 
  12.109    Ten                    Apr 14  7:00am     select       Ahmad Black, SS Florida  
  13.110    NYJ frmDal   Apr 14  8:00am       select      Mario Harvey , LB Marshall  
  14.111    Mia                     Apr 14  9:00am     select        Robert Sands, FS West Virginia  
  15.112    Was frmStL    Apr 14  10:00am      select        Nate Irving , ILB NC State  
  16.113    Oak                    Apr 14 11:00am     select        Chris Hairston, OT Clemson  
  17.114    Jax                  Apr 14 12:00pm       select       Jalil Brown , CB Colorado 

  18.115    SF frmSD            Apr  14  1:00pm      select         Ricky Stanzi, QB Iowa     
  19.116    TB                    Apr 14  2:00pm      select        Jason Pinkston, OT Pittsburgh 
  20.117    NYJ frmNYG         Apr 14  3:00pm     select       DeMarcus VanDyke , CB Miami 
  21.118    KC                   Apr 14  4:00pm       select     Jeremy Beal, OLB  Oklahoma 

  22.119    Ind                     Apr 14 5:00pm      select       Ian Williams, DT Notre Dame  
  23.120    Phi                  Apr 14 6:00pm        select       Joe Lefeged, SS Rutgers 
  24.121    Jax frmNO          Apr  14  7:00pm    select       K.J. Wright, OLB Mississippi State  
  25.122  CAR frmBuffrmSea Apr  14  8:00pm   select         Deunta Williams, FS North Carolina  
  26.123    Bal                     Apr 14  9:00pm      select       Chris Conte, FS California  
  27.124    Atl                  Apr 14   10:00pm      select       Greg Romeus, DE Pittsburgh 
  28.125    NE                      Apr 14  11:00pm    select       Roy Helu, RB Nebraska  

  29.126    NYJ                 Apr 15  12:00am       select        Marcus Gilchrist, CB Clemson 
  30.127    Chi                    Apr 15   7:00am      select       Darius Morris, OT/G Temple 
  31.128    Pit                   Apr 15 8:00am          select        Cortez Allen, CB The Citadel 
  32.129    GB                    Apr 15   9:00am       select       DeMarcus Love, OT Arkansas  
  33.130    Ten(COMP)   Apr 15 10:00am        select       Niles Paul, WR Nebraska    
  34.131    GB(COMP)         Apr 15   11:00am      select      Vincent Brown, WR San Diego State  

# San Diego>San Francsico: Donald Butler
# New Orleans>Jacksonville: Matt Tennant
# Washngton>Phladelphia: Donovan McNabb(pick could go to Saints if McNabb doesn't meet certaiin critera)
# Denver>New England: Laurence Maroney
# Seattle>Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch
# New England>Seattle: Deion Branch
# Washington>Minnesota #10 for #12 and #106
# NY Jets>Dallas #30 for #40, #110 and #143
# Buffalo>SD #34, #100 and 2012 3rd round for #50 and #61
# New York Jets>New York Giants #40 for #52, #117 and #185
# Washington>St. Louis #41, #177 and #214 for #47 and #112
# Detroit>San Diego #75, #107 and #154 for #82, #89 and #183
# Buffalo>Carolina #122 and #206 for #132 and #166

Round 5
   1.132    Buf frmCar     Apr 15   12:00pm    select      Cedric Thornton, DT Southern Arkansas  
   2.133    Buf                   Apr 15   1:00pm       select        Bruce Miller, OLB Central Florida 
   3.134    Jax frmCin     Apr 15   2:00pm       select      Jaiquawn Jarrett, FS Temple 
   4.135    KC frmTBfrmDenApr 15 3:00pm  select       Shane Vereen, RB California  
   5.136    Ari                   Apr 15 4:00pm         select      Lee Ziemba, OT  Auburn 
   6.137    Cle                   Apr 15 5:00pm         select        Taiwan Jones, RB Eastern Washington 
   7.138    Hou                  Apr 15  6:00pm       select      Cliff Matthews, OLB South Carolina 
   8.139    Min                    Apr 15  7:00pm       select        Stephen Schilling, OG Michigan  
   9.140     KC frmDet      Apr 15  8:00pm       select      Jacquizz Rodgers, RB Oregon State 
  10.141   SF                     Apr 15   9:00pm      select        Rashad Carmichael, CB Virginia Tech 
  11.142    Ten                 Apr 15  10:00pm     select        Kristofer O'Dowd, C USC 
  12.143    NYJ frmDal    Apr 15  11:00pm     select       Jordan Todman, RB UConn  
  13.144    Was                 Apr 16  12:00am    select       Cecil Shorts III, WR Mt. Union 
  14.145    StL                   Apr 16  7:00am      select        Da'Norris Searcy, SS North Carolina 
  15.146    Mia                 Apr 16  8:00am        select
       Jordan Cameron, TE USC  
  16.147    Jax                  Apr 16 9:00am        select        Buster Skrine, CB Chattanooga 
  17.148    Oak                Apr 16 10:00am       select       Chris Culliver, CB/S South Carolina 

  18.149    Phi frmSD        Apr 16 11:00am       select        Ryan Bartholomew, C Syracuse 
  19.150    Min frmNYG   Apr 16  12:00pm      select        Lawrence Wilson, OLB Connecticut
  20.151    TB                   Apr  16 1:00pm      select         Ross Homan, LB tOSU  

21.152    Ind                   Apr 16  2:00pm         select        Alex Henery, K Nebraska 
  22.153    Phi                   Apr 16 3:00pm      select         Josh Thomas, CB Buffalo  
  23.154  SDfrm DetfrmKCApr 16 4:00pm    select       Virgil Green, TE Nevada 
  24.155    Was frmNO   Apr 16 5:00pm      select        David Arkin, OG Missouri State  
  25.156    Sea                 Apr 16  6:00pm         select       Zach Hurd, OG UConn 

  26.157    Sea frmBal    Apr 16  7:00pm      select       Jerrard Tarrant, FS Georgia Tech  
  27.158    Oak frmAtl    Apr 16   8:00pm      select      Brian Rolle, OLB tOSU 
  28.159    NE               Apr 16  9:00pm       select       Greg McElroy, QB Alabama 

  29.160    Chi                 Apr 16  10:00pm       select        Richard Sherman, CB/S Stanford 
  30.161    NYJ             Apr 16   11:00pm     select       Jah Reid, OT UCF  
  31.162    Pit                 Apr 17 12:00am      select        Rob Housler, TE Florida Atlantic 
  32.163    GB              Apr 17   7:00am       select           Ugo Chinasa, DE Oklahoma State
  33.164      Bal(comp)  Apr 17 8:00am       select         Greg Salas, WR Hawaii
  34.165    Bal(COMP)   Apr 17   9:00am       select       Charles Clay, FB Tulsa 

Kansas City and Detroit swap picks because of Lions tampering charges
Denver>Tampa Bay: Syd'Quan Thompson and Jammie Kirlew
San Diego>Philadelphia: Cam Thomas
Baltimore>Seattle: Josh Wilson
New Orleans>Washington: Jammal Brown
NY Giants>Minnesota: Sage Rosenfels
Tampa Bay>Kansas City: Alex Magee
# Jacksonville>Cincinnati #20 for #35, #66 and #134
# NY Jets>Dallas #30 for #40, #110 and #143
# Detroit>San Diego #75, #107 and #154 for #82, #89 and #183
# Oakland>Atlanta #81 and #220 for #91 and #158
# Buffalo>Carolina #122 and #206 for #132 and #166

Round 6
   1.166    Buf frmCar       Apr 17   10:00am    select       Mark Herzlich, OLB Boston College 
   2.167   Cin                   Apr  17 11:00am          select      Derek Newton, OT Arkansas State  
   3.168   Cle frmDen        Apr 17   12:00pm    select      Adrian Moten, OLB Maryland 
   4.169    Buf                   Apr 17 1:00pm           select       Terrence Toliver, WR LSU 
   5.170    Cle                     Apr 17 2:00pm        select       Martin Parker, DT Richmond 
   6.171    Ari                   Apr 17 3:00pm            select       Denarius Moore, WR Tennessee  
   7.172    Min                   Apr 17  4:00pm        select      Julius Thomas, TE Portland State 
   8.173    Sea frmDet     Apr 17  5:00pm         select        Derek Hall, OT Stanford  
   9.174     SF                     Apr 17  6:00pm      select       Andrew Jackson, G Fresno State  
  10.175   Cle frmTen      Apr 17   7:00pm       select        Eric Hagg, FS Nebraska  
  11.176    SDfrmDal       Apr 17  8:00pm      select        Jeron Johnson, S Boise State 
  12.177    StL frmWas    Apr 17  9:00pm        select       Stanley Havili, FB USC  
  13.178    Hou                  Apr 17  10:00pm    select       Jake Kirkpatrick, C Texas Christian 
  14.179    Mia                Apr 17  11:00pm       select        Chykie Brown, CB Texas  
  15.180    Bal frmStL      Apr 18  12:00am    select        Josh Bynes, ILB Auburn  
  16.181    NYJ frmOak   Apr 18 7:00am        select        Owen Marecic, FB Stanford  
  17.182    Jax                  Apr 18 8:00am       select        Jeremy Kerley, WR Texas Christian 

  18.183    Det frmSD      Apr  18  9:00am      select         Delone Carter, RB Syracuse      
  19.184  Det frmPhifrmTB Apr 18  10:00am select       Alex Green, RB Hawaii 
  20.185    NYJ frmNYG    Apr 18  11:00am     select       Akeem Dent, LB Georgia  
  21.186    Ari frmPhi      Apr 18  12:00pm       select      Shiloh Keo, SS Idaho
  22.187    TB frm KC       Apr 18 1:00pm         select        Greg Lloyd, DE/ILB Connecticut 
  23.188    Ind                 Apr 18 2:00pm           select        Anthony Gray, DT Southern Mississippi   
  24.189  Den frmNEfrmNOApr  18  3:00pm    select          Jermale Hines, SS tOSU
  25.190    SF frmSea     Apr  18  4:00pm        select          Anthony Sherman, FB Connecticut 
  26.191    Bal                 Apr 18  5:00pm        select       Pat Devlan, QB Delaware  
  27.192    TBfrmAtl       Apr 18   6:00pm        select      Tim Barnes, C/G Missouri 
  28.193    NE                  Apr 18  7:00pm        select        Jeff Maehl, WR Oregon

  29.194    Oak frmNYJ    Apr 18  8:00pm        select       Brandon Hogan, CB West Virginia  
  30.195    Chi                  Apr 18   9:00pm      select       Brandon Fusco, C Slippery rock 
  31.196    Pit                   Apr 18 10:00pm        select        Keith Williams, G Nebraska 
  32.197    GB                   Apr 18   11:00pm     select       Julian Vandervelde, G Iowa  
  33.198    NYG(COMP)   Apr 19 12:00am        select        Dion Lewis,, RB Pittsburgh 
  34.199    KC(COMP)        Apr 19   7:00am     select       Taylor Potts, QB Texas Tech 
  35.200    Min(COMP)   Apr 19 8:00am           select       David Carter, DT UCLA  
  36.201    SD(COMP)        Apr 19   9:00am     select       Kendric Burney, CB North Carolina 
  37.202    NYG(COMP)   Apr 19 10:00am        select       Zane Taylor, C Utah  
  38.203    Car(COMP)       Apr 19   11:00am     select       Justin Rogers, CB/KR Richmond  

Tampa Bay>Philadelpha: Reggie Brown
Philadelpha>Detroit: Jamar Chaney
New Orleans>New England: David Thomas
New England>Denver: Laurence Maroney
Denver>Cleveland: Brady Quinn
Seattle>San Francisco: Kentwan Balmer
Detroit>Seattle: Lawrence Jackson
Kansas City>Tampa Bay: Alex Magee
Philadelphia>Arizona: Reggie Wells
St. Louis -> Baltimore: Mark Clayton
# Cleveland>Minnesota #37 for #39 and#175
# New York Jets>New York Giants #40 for #52, #117 and #185
# Washington>St. Louis #41, #177 and #214 for #47 and #112
# Buffalo>Carolina #122 and #206 for #132 and #166
# Dallas>San Diego #176 for Future 2012 5th round draft pick
# Atlanta>Tampa Bay #192 and #220 for future 5th and 7th round draft picks
# Oakland>New York Jets #181 for #194 and #208

Round 7
   1.204    GB frmCar            Apr 19   12:00pm    select       Nathan Enderle, QB Idaho 
   2.205   Det frmDen             Apr  19  1:00pm     select      Doug Hogue, LB Syracuse  
   3.206   Car frmBuf            Apr 19   2:00pm      select     Wayne Harris, WR ECU  
   4.207    Cin                        Apr 19 3:00pm      select       Byron Maxwell, CB Clemson  
   5.208  OakfrmNYJ frmAri Apr 19 4:00pm      select       Tyrod Taylor, QB Virginia Tech 
   6.209    Sea frmCle             Apr 19 5:00pm      select        Ronald Johnson, WR USC 
   7.210    Atl frmDet         Apr 19  6:00pm       select     Mike Mohamed, LB CAL  
   8.211    SF                         Apr 19  7:00pm     select        Mark Schiechl, OLB colorado School of Mines
   9.212     Ten                      Apr 19  8:00pm       select       Scott Lutrus, OLB UConn 
  10.213   Dal lost in supplemental
  11.214    NO frmStLfrmWas Apr 19  9:00pm  select        Derrick Locke, RB Kentucky 
  12.215    Hou                    Apr 19  10:00pm   select         Brandon Bair, DT Oregon 
  13.216    Min                      Apr 19  11:00pm    select         Ryan Whalen, WR Stanford 
  14.217    NO frmStL           Apr 20  12:00am   select          Chris Prosinski FS, Wyoming  
  15.218    Mia                      Apr 20  7:00am      select        Noel Devine, RB West Virginia  
  16.219    Mia frmJax           Apr 20 8:00am      select        Chris Neild, DT West Virginia 
  17.220  TB frmAtl frmOak Apr 20 9:00am       select       Johnny White, RB North Carolina 

  18.221    Dal frmSD            Apr  20  10:00am     select       Chris L. Rucker, CB Michigan State     
  19.222    NYG                      Apr 20  11:00am      select       Henry Hynoski, FB Pittsburgh  
  20.223    TB                        Apr 20  12:00pm      select       Eric Gordan, OLB Michigan State  
  21.224    KC                         Apr 20  1:00pm        select        Aldrick Robinson, WR SMU  

  22.225    Was frmInd          Apr 20 2:00pm         select       Frank Kearse, NT Alabama A&M 
  23.226    Bal frmPhi          Apr 20 3:00pm         select         Jason Kelce, C Cincinnati 
  24.227    NO                      Apr  20  4:00pm     select         Stephan Burton WR, West Texas A&M
  25.228    Phi frmSea       Apr  20  5:00pm        select         Darren Evans, RB Virginia Tech  
  26.229    Bal                     Apr 20  6:00pm      select          Ryan Jones, CB Northwest Missouri State  
  27.230    Atl                        Apr 20   7:00pm       select      Andre Smith, TE Virginia Tech 
  28.231  NYG frmAtlfrmNE    Apr 20  8:00pm        select       Lee Smith, TE Marshall  

  29.232    Chi lost in supplemental     
  30.233    SF frmDetfrmNYJ Apr 20   9:00pm        select       Raymond Webber, WR Arkansas Pine-Bluff  
  31.234    Pit                        Apr 20 10:00pm         select        Mark LeGree, FS Appalachian State 
  32.235    GB                      Apr 20   11:00pm     select         Karl Klug, DE Iowa  
  33.236    SD(COMP)          Apr 21 12:00am        select         Jamie Harper, RB Clemson 
  34.237    Mia(COMP)           Apr 21   7:00am     select       Darvin Adams. WR Auburn  
35.238    Min(COMP)           Apr 21 8:00am          select        Adam Weber,QB University of Minnesota  
  36.239    Phi(COMP)            Apr 21   9:00am     select       DeAndre Brown, WR Southern Mississippi 
37.240    TB(COMP)            Apr 21 10:00am         select        Charlie Gantt, TE Michigan State 
  38.241    SF(COMP)             Apr 21   11:00am     select      Kris Durham, WR Georgia  
39.242    Phi(COMP)           Apr 21 12:00pm         select        Justin Boren, G tOSU  
  40.243    Oak(COMP)           Apr 21   1:00pm     select      Ricardo Lockette, WR Fort Valley State  
41.244    Sea(COMP)         Apr 21 2:00pm            select         Chris White, LB Mississippi State 
  42.245    NO(COMP)             Apr 21   3:00pm     select      Schuylar Oordt, TE Northern Iowa  
43.246    Car(COMP)          Apr 21 4:00pm           select          Ricky Elmore, DE Arizona 
  44.247    Buf(COMP)             Apr 21   5:00pm     select      Steven Friday, DE/LB Virginia Tech 
45.248    Cin(COMP)           Apr 21 6:00pm          select        Nick Bellore, ILB CMU 
  46.249    Den(COMP)            Apr 21   7:00pm     select      missed his pick 
47.250    Cle(COMP)          Apr 21 8:00pm          select          Andrew Soucy, DT Eastern Kentucky 
  48.251    Ari(COMP)              Apr 21   9:00pm     select       Thomas Keiser, OLB Stanford  
49.252    SF(COMP)           Apr 21 10:00pm        select        Kai Forbath, K UCLA 
  50.253    Ten(COMP)            Apr 21   11:00pm     select      Steven Ridley, RB LSU 
51.254    Dal(COMP)         Apr 22 12:00am        select        missed his pick 
  52.255    Was(COMP)            Apr 22   7:00am     select      T.J. Yates, QB North Carolina  
53.256    Hou(COMP)        Apr 22 8:00am          select        Ryan Donahue, Punter Iowa 

Bears used 7th rd pick in supplemental draft
Cowboys used 7th rd pick in supplemental draft
New York Jets>Detroit: Kevin O'Connell
Arizona>New York Jets: Kerry Rhodes
Detroit>San Francisco: Shaun Hill
Detroit>Atlanta: Chris Houston
Jacksonville>Miami: Justiin Smiley
New England>Atlanta: Quinn Ojinnaka
Carolina>Green Bay: J.J. Jansen
Cleveland>Seattle: Seneca Wallace
Phladelphia>Baltimore: Antwan Barnes
Indianapolis>Washington: Justin Tryon
Seattle>Philadelphia: Stacy Andrews
# Washington>St. Louis #41, #177 and #214 for #47 and #112
# Oakland>Atlanta #81 and #220 for #91 and #158
# Buffalo>Carolina #122 and #206 for #132 and #166
# Atlanta>Tampa Bay #192 and #220 for future 5th and 7th round draft picks
# Atlanta>New York Giants #231 for future 6th round draft pick
# St. Louis>New Orleans # 214 and #217 for future 2012 5th round draft pick

  ~ Will begin immediately following the close of the draft. Please bear in mind, if you miss your time slot, you will be skipped, but you can come on anytime after your time slot to make your pick. You merely cannot make the pick prior to stated time slot.


Do not discuss the UDFA's on this page though, reserve it for signings only

This will be a pretty fast process with people popping on to make their pick randomly after their time slot. If I am not around to update the blog, I want an easy and clean way for you to update who has been signed up to your time slot.


There were 32 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jets           Apr 22 9:00am  Sign Zack Pianalto, TE North Carolinato a contract
  2. Vikings       Apr 22 9:30am
  3. Colts          Apr 22 10:00am
  4. Panthers    Apr 22 10:30am Sign Quentin Davie, OLB Northwestern to a contract
  5. Bills           Apr 22 11:00am Sign Evan Royster, RB Penn State to a contract
  6. Browns       Apr 22 11:30am Sign Scott Tolzien, QB Wisconsin to a contract
  7. Patriots      Apr 22 12:00am
  8. Steelers     Apr 22 12:30pm Sign Da'Rel Scott, RB Marylandto a contract
  9. Eagles        Apr 22 1:00pm  Sign Sealver Siliga, DT Utah to a contract
  10. Dolphins     Apr 22 1:30pm
  11. Raiders       Apr 22 2:00pm  Sign Armon Binns, WR Cincinnati to a contract
  12. Bears         Apr 22 2:30pm
  13. Jaguars      Apr 22 3:00pm
  14. Seahawks   Apr 22 3:30pm
  15. Broncos      Apr 22 4:00pm
  16. 49ers         Apr 22 4:30pm Sign Adam Froman, QB Louisville to a contract
  17. Cowboys     Apr 22 5:00pm
  18. Buccaneers Apr 22 5:30pm Sign Mistrel Raymond, S South Florida to a contract
  19. Giants        Apr 22 6:00pm Sign Bilal Powell, RB Louisville to a contract
  20. Chargers    Apr 22 6:30pm Sign Anthony Gaitor, CB Florida International to a contract
  21. Ravens      Apr 22 7:00pm 
  22. Packers      Apr 22 7:30pm Sign Courtney Smith, WR South Alabama to a contract
  23. Titans        Apr 22 8:00pm Sign Dwayne Johnson, DT Miami to a contract
  24. Saints        Apr 22 8:30pm
  25. Redskins    Apr 22 9:00pm Sign Chaz Henry, P Florida to a contract
  26. Rams         Apr 22 9:30pm
  27. Texans      Apr 22 10:00pm Sign Garrett Chisolm, G South Carolina to a contract
  28. Bengals     Apr 22 10:30pm Sign John Clay, RB Wisconsin to a contract
  29. Chiefs       Apr 22 11:00pm
  30. Falcons      Apr 22 11:30pm
  31. Lions         Apr 23 12:00am  Sign Daniel Kilgore, G Appalachian State
  32. Cardinals   Apr 23 12:30am  Sign Reid Forest, P Washington State to a contract
Anyone not signing their UDFA at their time slot can make it AT ANY TIME AFTER THEIR STATED TIME .

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