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2012 4thAnnual IrishDawg Collaborative Mock Draft

=-NOTE: All bold information below is info that has been added since the original post, so please go over any bolded info in case you have not seen it before!!

I have decided to change things up a bit this year if every one involved is game.

I would like to take on more of a commissioner type role in order to give this thing a more realistic feel. I already have a Browns GM lined up and have some changes to be approved.

1) I would like the format to be more interactive
a) I would like to be intermediary using texting and e-mail to intertwine the GMs in real time. If you all agree, I will be taking texts from GMs and "talking" to other GMs with trade offers and such. This way you don't have to give out your phone # to 31 strangers. I have built a relationship with most of you, so I think it would be more comfortable for me to take on this responsibility.
b) I will also give updates to any one needing them when their picks go on the clock and this should keep the mock moving at a record pace.
c) Real time updates will continue to be made on the thread and blog, so everyone can follow along all day every day.

2) I would like to implement a flex schedule if we go this route
a) We will begin with a 1HR time slot format like the past, but I would like to update the times daily as we go beyond those time slots. I would then text the first 5 teams nightly to let them know they are coming up on the clock.
b) If this works out, after round one, I would like to move it to 1/2 hour time slots.

Either way, we will have another successful year, but I really need your input if you would be willing to take on this new format ASAP.



The 4th annual collaborative mock draft is scheduled to begin Monday, April 9th . It will be a 7 round mock draft with REAL fans of the teams choosing their new rookies of their respective teams.

There will be no current roster players traded in this mock . Any Real Life trades that occur and do not disrupt the current flow of the draft will be incorporated into the mock. IE…If we are in the 2nd round and Arizona trades a Kevin Kolb for a first round pick, we will ignore the trade rather than re-drafting the first round. If we are in the first round and a player is traded for any later picks, this trade will be taken into account and the draft will be adjusted by me at that time to include the real life trade.

We will also be on a schedule during this mock. The schedule will be posted at the bottom of this page and you will have one hour to turn in your draftee. If due to trade you end up with multiple picks in a row, you will have until the end of your final pick to make all picks. This is when your one hour overtime rule will begin. Please bear in mind, someone can essentially make a pick before your "multiple" picks though as all picks will be chosen AFTER your overtime hour is absolved. As outlined here; After the one hour time is up, we will move on to the next team and that pick can be turned in any time up to 1 hour past the scheduled pick. (In other words 1 pick past) At that time a predetermined pick will be made at the moderators discretion based on input from that teams message boards. If you are not going to available for your slotted time, you will need to make a list of needs and wants with specific instructions in order for the moderators to make that pick for you. The schedule will be listed as soon as the compensatory picks are announced.

ALL Trades must be PMd/texted to me(Irish Dawg 42) in order to be finalized. If any trade is questioned as to fairness, I will review it and discussvia PM at my discretion and determine whether to allow it. Unless it comes up to a ridiculously lopsided trade though, I will warn that it will probably be allowed. We will ask for all parties in the trade to give an explanation as to why they made the trade and move on to our decision from there. Drafted players are allowed to be traded within a realistic setting, which will be determined by myself. If you get bored in the 5th round and decide to trade your 1st rounder for a couple of 5's and 6's so that you have something to do, it will be vetoed.

Trading future draft picks..

These are allowed, but it will be at my discretion whether or not it is a realistic trade.


In other words if you trade a 2nd and a 4th in the 2013 draft for a 2nd in this year's mock...while the pick is OTC, you will not be able to turn around and offer that pick up for trade. For that matter ANY pick traded while OTC will require an actual pick be made. There will not be an offer made for another trade unless it is a 3 team trade to begin with. IRL, there is only 10 minutes in the 1st round and 5 minutes thereafter to make these deals. In no circumstance is there enough time to put together a deal for a draft pick, then offer it to trade away.


I would suggest consulting the draft trade value chart shown HERE to avoid any controversy. You don't have to follow to the letter, but use it as a guide. Example Trading down from #2 overall to #20 overall and only receiving a 4th rounder as compensation is NOT going to be allowed.


Making picks and teams that miss their time slot

Here is how it works, if a team misses their spot they have another hour(or 1 pick) to make their selection before I get a concensus and make the pick for them. Any team OFFICIALLY on the clock can make their pick and the team that missed their slotted time misses out on that player selected. However, if a team that is not officially on the clock yet makes a selection, the team that has missed it's slot can over rule that team and take the player selected. As soon as a team goes into their official time slot, their selection becomes official . Under no circumstances once a pick is made, whether by the GM in their time slot or by me once the time penalty is extinguished, will the pick be changed. Once recorded, that is the pick.


Team A slotted 1-2pm

Team B slotted 2-3pm

Team C slotted 3-4pm

at 2pm team A has not made their selection and has gone into past due status, team B is now officially on the clock and takes QB(a), in the meantime during team Bs slotted time of 2-3pm Team C comes on and selects QB(b). Now before Team Bs time is up, Team A comes on to make their selection, they can not take team Bs selection as it was done under their OFFICIAL time slot, but they can take team Cs selection until 3PM when Team C is officially on the clock.

If you do miss your pick without any prior notice, you will have about 5 hours after your pick to get with me why you missed before I replace you. Once replaced, whether it is a true fan or not, the new GM will remain for the duration of the mock.

Updated members list: These are confirmed ...If you want to be considered for a certain team GM replacement, please PM me.

Teams                                   GM

Arizona                                 AZ fan#1 2012 confirmed

Atlanta                                 Doctor Monkey 2012 confirmed replacement Torgo

Baltimore                             RavenROC 2012 CONFIRMED 

Buffalo                                 Sportsfreak2369     2012 CONFIRMED

Carolina                                phantomfelyn 2012 CONFIRMED

Chicago                                 Nosferatu39 2012 CONFIRMED

Cincinnati                              beachbum312 CONFIRMED

Cleveland                              TOPDAWG 2012 CONFIRMED

Dallas                                     rockr259   2012 CONFIRMED

Denver                                  Denvergregs 2012 CONFIRMED

Detroit                                  Quew777    2012 CONFIRMED

Green Bay                            gnat52577 2012 CONFIRMED  

Houston                                RTTRUTH 2012 CONFIRMED 

Indianapolis                        cirknick   2012 CONFIRMED

Jacksonville                        JaguarFan34   2012 CONFIRMED

Kansas City                         El Patron 2012 CONFIRMED

Miami                                    danthefinfan   2012 CONFIRMED

Minnesota                            iVeN1473   2012 CONFIRMED

New England                        neilp  2012 CONFIRMED

New Orleans                        Nightshade1   2012 CONFIRMED

NY Giants                             vinny_gough 2012 CONFIRMED

NY Jets                                 Cmart24 2012 CONFIRMED

Oakland                                playa21 2012 CONFIRMED

Philadelphia                         bishopshuice   2012 CONFIRMED

Pittsburgh                            nybites 2012 CONFIRMED

San Diego                            Lights Out 2012 CONFIRMED

San Francisco                     thrashard3407 2012 CONFIRMED

Seattle                                 DrTruth2 2012 CONFIRMED

St. Louis                               d-pride 2012 CONFIRMED

Tampa Bay                         LAOJoe 2012 CONFIRMED

Tennessee                           cawsnallthis   2012 CONFIRMED

Washington                        sthomas086   2011 CONFIRMED

For discussion involving the upcoming mock a thread will be created a week prior to the draft once the schedule is out and I would appreciate if all discussion was held on that thread. I would like to keep this blog page as clean as possible in order to make updates without it being 5 pages long. Please go to the official thread and "check in" ASAP so that we have a record of all GMs for PMing purposes throughout the draft:

Official thread is now active, link below;


Please get an avatar relevant to your team for ease of recognition when posting!

**GM of the Colts, cirknick, has made some awesome avatars for each of us to use during the 2 week draft. Please PM him and he will give you the link to get yours. I would prefer you use these avs so that we don't have confusion on who is a GM or not on a team. Thanks cirknick!!


Thank you,


Pick schedule and update list:

All times are EST  
~ Trade key at the end of each round :  
Bold=trade made in this mock
Non Bold=Trade made in real life and incorporated in

Round 1
   1.   1    Ind                Apr 9   9:00am    select  Andrew Luck, QB Stanford         
   2.   2    Wasfrm StL   Apr 9   10:00am   select   Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor
   3.   3    Min               Apr 9   11:00am  select   Matt Kalil, OT USC
   4.   4    Cle                Apr 9  12:00pm  select   Trent Richardson, RB Alabama     
   5.   5    TB                 Apr 9  1:00pm    select   Morris Claiborne, CB LSU      
   6.   6    StLfrm Was    Apr 9  2:00pm    select    Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State      
   7.   7    Jax                Apr 9  3:00pm   select    Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina    
   8.   8    Mia                Apr 9   4:00pm   select    Melvin Ingram, DE/OLB South Carolina    
   9.   9    Car                Apr 9  5:00pm   select     Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame
  10.10    Buf                 Apr 9   6:00pm  select     Luke Kuechly, ILB Boston College
  11.11    Tenfrm KC     Apr 9  7:00pm   select     Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama     
  12.12    Sea                Apr 9  8:00pm   select     Riley Reiff, OT Iowa  
  13.13    Ari                 Apr 9   9:00pm   select     David DeCastro, OG Stanford     
  14.14    Dal                Apr 9   10:00pm  select     Mark Barron, S Alabama  
  15.15    Phi                 Apr 9  11:00pm  select     Fletcher Cox, DT Mississippi State   
  16.16    NYJ                Apr 10  12:00am  select    Kendall Wright, WR Baylor  
  17.17    Cin                Apr 10   9:00am  select     Cordy Glenn, OG/OT Georgia   
  18.18    SD                 Apr 10  10:00am select     Janoris Jenkins, CB north Alabama  
  19.19    Chi                Apr 10  11:00am select     Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina   
  20.20    KCfrm Ten   Apr 10  12:00pm select        Michael Brockers, DE/DT LSU
  21.21    Cin                Apr 10   1:00pm  select     Dontari Poe, DT Memphis  
  22.22    Clefrm Atl       Apr 10   2:00pm select      Nick Perry, DE USC  
  23.23    Det                Apr 10   3:00pm select      Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama 
  24.24    Pit                 Apr 10   4:00pm select      Dont'a Hightower, ILB Alabama
  25.25    GBfrm Den     Apr 10   5:00pm select      Shea McClellin, OLB Boise State 
  26.26    Hou               Apr 10   6:00pm select      Peter Konz, C Wisconsin
  27.27    NEfrom NO     Apr 10   7:00pm select       Devon Still, DT/DE Penn State
  28.28    Clefrm Den/GBApr 10  8:00pm select       Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M
  29.29    Bal                Apr 10  9:00pm select        Kevin Zeitler, OG Wisconsin
  30.30    SF                 Apr 10 10:00pm select       Rueben Randle WR LSU
  31.31    NE                 Apr 10 11:00pm select       Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan State  
  32.32    Miafrm NYG  Apr 11 12:00am select         Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech

Atlanta -> Cleveland: Julio Jones
New Orleans -> New England: Mark Ingram
Oakland -> Cincinnati: Carson Palmer
St. Louis Washington: Robert Griffin(expected)
Kansas City #11->Tennessee #20, #52 and #190
NY Giants #32->Miami #73 and 2013 1st round draft pick
Den #25->GB #28, #123 and #236
Den #28->Cle #37, #118 and #212

  Round 2
   1.33    Buffrm StL     Apr 11   9:00am    select     Coby Fleener, TE Stanford      
   2.34    Ind                Apr 11   9:30am   select     Alfonzo Dennard, CB Nebraska     
   3.35    Min               Apr 11   10:00am  select     Harrison Smith, S Notre Dame   
   4.36    TB                 Apr 11  10:30am  select     Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford  
   5.37    Denfrm Cle   Apr 11  11:00am    select     Mychal Kendricks, MLB Cal    
   6.38    Jax                Apr 11  11:30am    select   Mohamed Sanu, WR Rutgers      
   7.39    Buffrm StL/Was Apr 11  12:00pm   select  Alshon Jeffery, WR South Carolina      
   8.40    Car                Apr 11   12:30pm   select   Whitney Mercilus, DE Illinois    
   9.41    StLfrm Buf      Apr 11  1:00pm   select       Mike Adams, OT tOSU
  10.42    Mia                 Apr 11   1:30pm  select    Andre Branch, DE Clemson   
  11.43    Sea                 Apr 11  2:00pm   select    Zach Brown, OLB North Carolina    
  12.44    KC                  Apr 11  2:30pm   select    Amini Silatolu, OG Midwestern State   
  13.45    Dal                 Apr 11   3:00pm   select   Kendall Reyes, DE/DT Connecticutt      
  14.46    Phi                 Apr 11   3:30pm  select     Jayron Hosley, CB Virginia Tech  
  15.47    NYJ                Apr 11  4:00pm  select      Doug Martin, RB Boise State
  16.48    NEfrm Oak  Apr 11  4:30pm  select          Bobby Massie, OT Mississippi
  17.49    SD                Apr 11   5:00pm  select      Ronnell Lewis, OLB Oklahoma        
  18.50    Chi                 Apr 11  5:30pm select      Vinny Curry, DE/OLB Marshall  
  19.51    Phifrm Ari     Apr 11  6:00pm select         Brock Osweiler, QB Arizona State
  20.52    KCfrm Ten      Apr 11  6:30pm select      Josh Robinson, CB Central Florida
  21.53    Cin                Apr 11   7:00pm  select    Bobby Wagner, OLB Utah State   
  22.54    Det                Apr 11   7:30pm select     Lavonte David, OLB Nebraska   
  23.55    Atl                Apr 11   8:00pm select      Dwayne Allen, TE Clemson 
  24.56    Pit                 Apr 11   8:30pm select     Kelechi Osemele, OG/RT Iowa State   
  25.57    Den               Apr 11   9:00pm select     Brandon Thompson, DT Clemson  
  26.58    NYGfrm Hou  Apr 11   9:30pm select      Lamar Miller, RB Miami 
  27.       NO, no pick due to Bounty Gate          
  28.59    GB                 Apr 11  10:00pm select    Jared Crick, DE Nebraska 
  29.60    Bal                Apr 11  10:30pm select     Chandler Jones, DE Syracuse  
  30.61    SF                 Apr 11 11:00pm select     David Wilson, RB Virginia Tech
  31.62    NE                 Apr 11 11:30pm select     Trumaine Johnson, CB Montana    
  32.63    NYG               Apr 12 12:00am select     Chris Givens, WR Wake Forest

Oakland -> New England: Joseph Barksdale and Taiwan Jones
Arizona -> Philadelphia: Kevin Kolb
Washington -> St. Louis: Robert Griffin
Saints forfeit pick for Bountygate
Kansas City #11->Tennessee #20, #52 and #190
Den #28->Cle #37, #118 and #212
StL #33 and #39->Buf #41 and 2013 1st round draft pick
Hou #58->NYG #73 and #94

Round 3
   1.64    Ind                  Apr 12   9:00am    select    Brandon Boykin, CB/KR Georgia       
   2.65   StL                  Apr 12    9:30am   select      LaMichael James, RB Oregon    
   3.66    Min                 Apr 12   10:00am  select      Brian Quick, WR Appalachian State  
   4.67    Cle                  Apr 12  10:30am  select      Orson Charles, TE Georgia  
   5.68    KCfrm TB         Apr 12  11:00am    select    Bruce Irvin, OLB WVU     
   6.69    Was                 Apr 12  11:30am    select   Philip Blake, C Baylor
   7.70    Denfrm Jax   Apr 12  12:00pm   select        Isaiah Pead, RB Cincinnati  
   8.71    Buf                 Apr 12   12:30pm   select     Brandon Taylor, SS LSU    
   9.72    Mia                Apr 12  1:00pm   select         A.J. Jenkins, WR Illinois
  10.73 HoufrmNYG/Mia/Chi/CarApr 121:30pm  select  Zebrie Sanders, OT Florida State     
  11.74    TBfrm KC       Apr 12  2:00pm   select         Tank Carder, OLB  Texas Christian
  12.75    Sea                Apr 12  2:30pm   select        Chris Polk, RB Washngton
  13.76    Hou frm Phi   Apr 12   3:00pm   select         Casey Hayward, CB Vanderbilt 
  14.77    NYJ                Apr 12   3:30pm  select         Josh Kaddu, OLB Oregon
  15.       Oak No Pick supplemental Draft(Pryor)       
  16.78    SD                 Apr 12  4:00pm  select         Senio Kelemete, OG Washington
  17.79    Tenfrm Chi     Apr 12   4:30pm  select         George Iloka, S Boise State    
  18.80    Ari                 Apr 12  5:00pm select           Emmanuel Acho, ILB Texas
  19.81    Dal                Apr 12  5:30pm select           Brandon Washington, G Miami
  20.82    Chifrm Ten    Apr 12  6:00pm select            Juron Criner, WT Arizona
  21.83    Cin                Apr 12   6:30pm  select         Marvin Jones, WR California
  22.84    Houfrm Atl     Apr 12  7:00pm select           Marvin McNutt, WR Iowa
  23.85    Det                Apr 12   7:30pm select         Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington
  24.86    Pit                 Apr 12   8:00pm select         Brandon Brooks, OG/OT Miami(OH)
  25.87    Jaxfrm Den   Apr 12   8:30pm select           Josh Norman, CB Coastal Carolina
  26.88    Phi frm Hou   Apr 12   9:00pm select          Tommy Streeter, WR Miami
  27.89    NO                Apr 12   9:30pm select         Ladarius Green, TE Louisiana-Lafayette
  28.90    GB                 Apr 12  10:00pm select        Markelle Martin, FS Oklahoma State
  29.91    Bal                Apr 12  10:30pm select         Billy Winn, DE Boise State
  30.92    SF                 Apr 12 11:00pm select          Tyrone Crawford, DE Boise State
  31.93    NE                 Apr 12 11:30pm select          Greg Childs, WR Arkansas
  32.94    TBfrmAtl/Hou/NYG Apr 13 12:00am select    Ryan Broyles WR, Oklahoma
Comp pick
  33-95   Oak                Apr 13 12:30am select         Mike Martin, DT/NT Michigan

Carolina -> Chicago: Greg Olsen
Raiders used 3rd-round pick on Terrelle Pryor in supplemental draft
Chicago -> Miami: Brandon Marshall
Philadelphia Houston: DeMeco Ryans
NY Giants #32->Miami #73 and 2013 1st round draft pick
Hou #58->NYG #73 and #94
TB #68 ->KC #74 and #146
Jax #70-> Den #87 and #108
Chi #79->Ten #82 and #155
Atl #84-> Hou #94, #161, #234
Atl #94-> TB #146, #174, a 2013 3rd and 7th round draft pick

Round 4
   1.96    StL                Apr 13   9:00am    select      Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State     
   2.97    Ind                Apr 13   9:30am   select       James Brown, OG/T Troy   
   3.98    Min               Apr 13   10:00am  select       Ron Brooks, CB LSU 
   4.99    Hou/Phifrm TBApr 13  10:30am  select       Josh Chapman, NT Alabama
   5.100    Cle                Apr 13  11:00am  select     Mitchell Schwartz, OT California   
   6.101    Jax               Apr 13  11:30am    select    Jake Bequette, DE/OLB Arkansas     
   7.102    Was               Apr 13  12:00pm   select    James-Michael Johnson, ILB Nevada    
   8.103    Mia                Apr 13   12:30pm   select   Robert Turbin, RB Utah State      
   9.104    Car                Apr 13  1:00pm   select      Chase Minnifield, CB Virginia
  10.105    Buf                 Apr 13   1:30pm  select     Nate Potter, OT Boise State  
  11.106    Sea                 Apr 13  2:00pm   select    Cam Johnson, DE Virginia     
  12.107    KC                  Apr 13  2:30pm   select     Jeff Allen, OT Illinois  
  13.108    Jaxfrm Den/NYJApr 13   3:00pm   select    T.Y. Hilton, WR Florida International     
  14.109    Wasfrm Oak    Apr 13   3:30pm  select      Bernard Pierce, RB Temple  
  15.110    SD                 Apr 13  4:00pm  select        DaJohn Harris, DT/DE USC
  16.111    Chi                Apr 13  4:30am  select        Brandon Mosley, OT Auburn
  17.112    Ari                 Apr 13   5:00am  select       Jonathan Massaquoi, OLB Troy      
  18.113    Dal                 Apr 13  5:30am select        Michael Brewster, C tOSU
  19.114    Phi                Apr 13  6:00am select         Nigel Bradham, LB Florida State
  20.115    Ten               Apr 13  6:30pm select         Ben Jones, C Georgia
  21.116    Cin                Apr 13   7:00pm  select      Jamell Fleming, CB Oklahoma 
  22.117    Det                Apr 13   7:30pm select       Brandon Weeden, QB OSU 
  23.118    Denfrm Cle/Atl Apr 13   8:00pm select      Nick Foles, QB Arizona 
  24.119    Pit                 Apr 13   8:30pm select       Derek Wolfe, DL Cincinnati
  25.120    Den               Apr 13   9:00pm select       Joe Adams, WR Arkansas
  26.121    Dalfrm Hou    Apr 13   9:30pm select       Marcus Forston, DT Miami
  27.122    NO                 Apr 13   10:00pm select    Antonio Allen, SS South Carolina
  28.123    Denfrm GB  Apr 13  10:30pm select         Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DL Baylor
  29.124    Buffrm Bal   Apr 13  11:00pm select        Dwight Bentley, CB Louisiana-Lafayette
  30.125    SF                 Apr 13 11:30pm select      Tony Bergstrom, OT/OG Utah
  31.126     NE                 Apr 13 12:00am select     Chris Rainey, RB/WR/KR Florida    
  32.127    NYG               Apr 14 12:30am select      Michael Egnew, TE Missouri
Comp Picks
RD 4
  33.128    Min              Apr 14 9:00am select         Nick Toon, WR Wisconsin
  34.129    Oak             Apr 14 9:30am select         Demario Davis, OLB Arkansas State
  35.130    Bal              Apr 14 10:00am select        Trenton Robinson, FS Michigan State
  36.131    NYG            Apr 14 10:30am select         Russel Wilson, QB Wisconsin
  37.132    GB              Apr 14 11:00am select         Trevin Wade, CB Arizona
  38.133    GB              Apr 14 11:30am select         Cyrus Gray, RB Texas A&M
  39.134    Min            Apr 14 12:00am select          Philip Thomas, S Syracuse
  40.135    Dal             Apr 14 12:30pm select          DeQuan Menzie, CB Alabama

Atlanta -> Cleveland: Julio Jones
Oakland -> Washington: Jason Campbell
Tampa Bay -> Philadelphia: Luke Stocker
Baltimore -> Buffalo: Lee Evans
NY Jets -> Denver: Tim Tebow
Den #25->GB #28, #123 and #236
Den #28->Cle #37, #118 and #212
Jax #70-> Den #87 and #108
Hou #121->Dal #152, #186 and 2013 5th round draft pick

Round 5

  1.136  Ind               Apr 14 1:00pm select         Audie Cole, ILB North Carolina
  2.137  Denfrm StL  Apr 14 1.30pm select            Miles Burress, LB San Diego State
  3.138  Min             Apr 14 2:00pm select           Tom Compton, OT South Dakota
  4.139  Cle              Apr 14 2:30pm select           Sean Spence, OLB Miami
  5.140  TB               Apr 14 3:00pm select          Janzen Jackson, FS McNeese State
  6.141  Was            Apr 14 3:30pm select           Andrew Datko, OT Florida State
  7.142  Jax             Apr 14 4:00pm select           Rishaw Johnson, OT California
  8.143  Car             Apr 14 4:30pm select           DT Kheeston Randall, Texas
  9.144  Buf             Apr 14 5:00pm select           Leonard Johnson, CB Iowa State
 10.145  Mia             Apr 14 5:30pm select          Josh LeRibeus, OG SMU
 11.146  Atlfrm TB/KC Apr 14 6:00pm select         Brandon Hardin, S Oregon St.
 12.147   Buffrm Sea Apr 14 6:30pm select           Trevor Guyton, DE California
 13.148  Oak             Apr 14 7:00pm select          Christian Thompson, S south Carolin State
 14.149   SD              Apr 14 7:30pm select          Edwin Baker, RB Michigan State
 15.150   Chi             Apr 14 8:00pm select          Lucas Nix, OG Pittsburgh 
 16.151   Ari              Apr 14 8:30pm select          Levy Adcock, OT Oklahoma State
 17.152   Houfrm Dal  Apr 14 9:00pm select          Jarius Wright, WR Arkansas
 18.153   Phi              Apr 14 9:30pm select          Travis Lewis OLB, Oklahoma
 19.154   NYJ             Apr 14 10:00pm select         Ryan Miller, OG Colorado 
 20.155   Chifrm Ten Apr 14 10:30pm select           James Hanna, TE Oklahoma
 21.156   Cin             Apr 14 11:00pm select         Junior Hemingway, WR Michigan
 22.157   Atl              Apr 14 11:30pm select         Devon Wylie, WR Fresno State
 23.158   Det             Apr 15 12:00am select         Matt McCants, OT UAB
 24.159   Pit               Apr 15 9:00am select          Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State
 25.160   Clefrm Den  Apr 15 9:30am select           B.J. Cunningham, WR Michigan State
 26.161   Atlfrm Hou   Apr 15 10:00am select         Aaron Henry, S Wisconsin
 27.162   NO              Apr 15 10:30am select        Keith Tandy, CB West Virginia
 28.163   GB              Apr 15 11:00am select        David Molk, C Michigan
 29.164   Bal              Apr 15 11:30am select        Donald Stephenson, OT Oklahoma
 30.165   SF               Apr 15 12:00pm select        Julian Miller, DE, West Virginia
 31.166   Cinfrm NE   Apr 15 12:30pm select         Keenan Robinson, OLB
 32.167   Cinfrm NYG  Apr 15 1:00pm select         Duke Ihenacho, SS San Jose State
Comp Picks    
5 RD
 33.168  Oak              Apr 15 1:30pm select        Mike Daniels, DT Iowa
 34.169  Bal               Apr 15 2:00pm select        Terrance Ganaway, RB Baylor
 35.170  Ind               Apr 15 2:30pm select        Akiem Hicks, NT Regina(Canada)
New England -> Cincinnati: Chad Ochocinco
St. Louis -> Denver: Brandon Lloyd
Seattle -> Buffalo: Marshawn Lynch
Denver-> Cleveland: Brady Quinn
Giants-> Cincinnatti: Keith Rivers
TB #68 ->KC #74 and #146
Chi #79->Ten #82 and #155
Atl #84-> Hou #94, #161, #234
Atl #94-> TB #146, #174, a 2013 3rd and 7th round draft pick
Hou #121->Dal #152, #186 and 2013 5th round draft pick

Round 6

   1-171 StL              Apr 15 3:00pm select      D'Anton Lynn, FS Penn State
   2-172 Phifrm Ind   Apr 15 3:30pm select      Donte Paige Moss, DE North Carolina
   3-173 Wasfrm MinApr 15 4:00pm select      Shaun Prater, CB Iowa
   4-174 Atlfrm TB   Apr 15 4:30pm select       Alex Hoffman, LB Washington State
   5-175 Minfrm Cle  Apr 15 5:00pm select      Danny Hrapman, K Southern Mississippi
   6-176 Jax              Apr 15 5:30pm select      Ryan Steed, CB Furman
   7-177 Arifrm Was Apr 15 6:00pm select      Jordan White, WR Western Michigan
   8-178 Buf             Apr 15 6:30pm select     BJ Coleman, QB UT-Chattanooga
   9-179 NOfrm Mia Apr 15 7:00pm select        Jaye Howard, DT Florida
  10-180 Car            Apr 15 7:30pm select      Vontaze Burfict, ILB Arizona State
  11-181  Sea          Apr 15 8:00pm select       Kellen Moore, QB Boise State
  12-182  KC           Apr 15 8:30pm select        Ronnie Hillman, RB San Diego State
  13-183  SD           Apr 15 9:00pm select        Lamar Holmes, OT Southern Mississippi
  14-184  Chi             Apr 15 9:30pm select      Winston Guy Jr., SS Kentucky
  15-185  Ari              Apr 15 10:00pm select     Coryell Judie, CB Texas A&M
  16-186  Houfrm Dal Apr 15 10:30pm select      Jerry Franklin, LB Arkansas
  17-187  NYJfrm Ind/Phi Apr 15 11:00pm select Blake Gideon, FS Texas
  18-188  Denfrm NYJ Apr 15 11:30pm select      Will Blackwell, G/C LSU
  19-189  Oak              Apr 16 12:00am select     Adam Gettis, OG Iowa
  20-190  KCfrm Ten  Apr 16 9:00am select          Taylor Thompson, TE/DE SMU
  21-191  Cin             Apr 16 9:30am select         Dan Herron, RB tOSU
  22-        Det  forfeit due to tampering
  23-192  Atl              Apr 16 10:30am select      Tim Fugger, DE Vanderbilt
  24-193  Pit              Apr 16 11:00am select      Cordarro Law, DE/OLB Southern Mississippi
  25-194  Phifrm Den Apr 16 11:30am select       Dwight Jones, WR North Carolina
  26-195  Hou            Apr 16 12:00pm select      Vick Ballard, RB Mississippi State
  27-196  Miafrm NO Apr 16 12:30pm select        DeVier Posey, WR tOSU
  28-197  GB             Apr 16 1:00pm select         Matt Reynolds, OT BYU
  29-198  Bal             Apr 16 1:30pm select        Donnie Fletcher, CB Boston College
  30-199  SF             Apr 16 2:00pm select         Sean Richardson, SS Vanderbilt
  31-200  Phifrm NE Apr 16 2:30pm select           Cliff Harris, CB Oregon
  32-201  NYG          Apr 16 3:00pm select          Mike Harris, CB Florida State
comp picks
6 RD
  33-202 NYJ           Apr 16 3:30pm select          Brandon Lindsey, DE/OLB Pittsburgh
  34-203 NYJ           Apr 16 4:00pm select          Marcel Jones, OT Nebraska
  35-204 Cle            Apr 16 4:30pm select         Keshawn Martin, WR Michigan State
  36-205 Cle            Apr 16 5:00pm select         Sean Cattouse, FS California
  37-206 Ind            Apr 16 5:30pm select         Jeff Fuller, WR Texas A&M
  38-207 Car           Apr 16 6:00pm select          Landon Walker, OT Clemson

Denver -> Philadelphia: Joe Mays
Washington -> New Orleans: Jammal Brown
New England -> Philadelphia: Tracy White
New Orleans Miami: Reggie Bush
Philadelphia Indianapolis: Winston Justice
NY Jets -> Denver: Tim Tebow
Indianapolis -> NY Jets: Drew Stanton
Minnesota -> Washington: Donovan McNabb
Cleveland -> Minnesota: Jayme Mitchel
Lions' pick forfeited because of tampering
Kansas City #11->Tennessee #20, #52 and #190
Atl #94-> TB #146, #174, a 2013 3rd and 7th round draft pick
Hou #121->Dal #152, #186 and 2013 5th round draft pick

Round 7

   1-208 Ind              Apr 16 6:00pm select         Tavon Wilson, S Illinois
   2-209 StL             Apr 16 6:30pm select           Quentin Saulsberry, C Mississippi State
   3-210 Min            Apr 16 7:00pm select            Terrell Manning, OLB North Carolina state
   4-211 Denfrm Cle Apr 16 7:30pm select            Chad Diehl, FB Clemson
   5-212 TB              Apr 16 8:00pm select           Danny Trevathan, LB Kentucky
   6-213 Was            Apr 16 8:30pm select          Louis Nzegwu, DE/OLB Wisconsin
   7-214 Indfrm NYJ/Jax Apr 16 9:00pm select      Deangelo Peterson, TE LSU
   8-215 Mia              Apr 16 9:30pm select          Hebron Fangupo, DT/NT BYU
   9-216 Car               Apr 16 10:00pm select       Brian Linthicum, TE Michigan State
   10-217 Buf             Apr 16 10:30pm select        Nick Provo, TE Syracuse
   11-218 KC              Apr 16 11:00pm select        Asa Jackson, CB Cal Poly
   12-219 Detfrm Sea  Apr 16 11:30pm select        Travis Benjamin, WR/PR/KR Miami
   13-220 Chi               Apr 17 12:00am select      Tydreke Powell, DT North Carolina
   14-221 Ari                Apr 17 12:30am select      Matt Conrath, DE/DT Virginia
   15-222 Dal                 Apr 17 9:00am select      Danny Coale, WR Virginia Tech
   16-223 Minfrm NE/Phi Apr 17 9:30am select       Joe Looney, G Wake Forest
   17-224 Denfrm GB/NYJApr 17 10:00am select    Eddie Whitley, FS Virginia Tech
   18-225 Seafrm Oak  Apr 17 10:30am select      Rhett Ellison, TE USC
   19-226 SD                Apr 17 11:00am select     Charles Mitchell, SS Mississippi State
   20-227 Ten               Apr 17 11:30am select     Brad Smelley, FB Alabama
   21-228 Jaxfrm Cin   Apr 17 12:00pm select       Kelcie McCray, SS Arkansas State
   22-229 Atl               Apr 17 12:30pm select      Austin Davis, QB Southern Miss
   23-230 Det              Apr 17 1:00pm select       Olivier Vernon, DE Miami
   24-231 Pit               Apr 17 1:30pm select        Justin Bethel, FS Presbyterian
   25-232 NYJfrm Den Apr 17 2:00pm select          Eric Page, WR Toledo
   26-233 Atlfrm Hou Apr 17 2:30pm select           Emil Igwenagu,  FB/TE Massachusetts
   27-234 NO              Apr 17 3:00pm select        over due
   28-235 GB              Apr 17 3:30pm select        Micah Pellerin, CB Hampton
   29-236 Bal             Apr 17 4:00pm select         Carson Wiggs, K Purdue
   30-237 SF              Apr 17 4:30pm select         Jeremy Lane, CB Northwestern State
   31-238 KCfrm NE     Apr 17 5:00pm select        Najee Goode, ILB West Virginia
   32-239 NYG           Apr 17 5:30pm select         Brett Roy, DT Nevada
comp picks
7 RD
   33-240 Pit             Apr 17 6:00pm select         Coty Sensabaugh, CB Clemson
   34-241 GB            Apr 17 6:30pm select          Case Keenum, QB Houston
   35-242 NYJ          Apr 17 7:00pm select           Evan Rodriguez, TE Temple
   36-243 GB           Apr 17 7:30pm select           Michael Calvin, WR CAL
   37-244 NYJ          Apr 17 8:00pm select           Adonis Thomas, RB Toledo
   38-245 Cle           Apr 17 8:30pm select          Terrance Frederick, CB Texas A&M
   39-246 Pit            Apr 17 9:00pm select          Michael Smith, Utah State
   40-247 Cle          Apr 17 9:30pm select           Chas Alecxih, DT Pittsburgh
   41-248 Pit           Apr 17 10:00pm select         Shawn Loisseau, LB Merrimack
   42-249 Atl           Apr 17 10:30pm select         Neiko Thorpe, FS/CB Auburn
   43-250 SD           Apr 17 11:00pm select         Travian Robertson, DT South Carolina
   44-251 Buf          Apr 17 11:30pm select         Derek Moye, WR Penn State
   45-252 StL          Apr 18 12:00am select         Pat Anger, P Cal
   46-253 Ind          Apr 18 12:30am select        Darron Thomas, QB/WR Oregon

Philadelphia -> New England -> Minnesota: Tracy White; Randy Moss
New England -> Kansas City: Jarrad Page
Oakland -> Seattle: Aaron Curry
Denver -> NY Jets: Tim Tebow
Jets -> Indianapolis: Drew Stanton
New York Jets -> Green Bay: Caleb Schlauderaff
Seattle -> Detroit: Tyler Polumbus
Cincinnati -> Jacksonville: Reggie Nelson
Den #25->GB #28, #123 and #224
Den #28->Cle #37, #118 and #211
Atl #84-> Hou #94, #161, #233


We will have a One guy Per DAY/Per TEAM until the draft... Undrafted Free Agency Period.

This will be a FREE FOR ALL, first come, first serve basis.

DO NOT PM ME...merely announce it on the main thread and the first time stamp gets the guy starting 2 hours after the final comp pick of the 7th round.

Then you can come back starting at 12:00midnight each night and take someone else.

I will update this process here on the blog starting with:

Undrafted Free agent signing
1. Texans sign Rice OLB Scott Soloman 04/18
2. Falcons sign Tulsa QB G.J. Kinne 04/18
3. Buccaneers sign Tennessee RB Tauren Poole 04/18
4. Browns sign Florida WR Jeffery Demps 04/18
5. Chargers sign USC ILB Chris Gallipo 04/18
6. Titans sign Cal DE Ernest Owusu 04/18
7. Steelers sign Marshall NT Delvin Johnson 04/18
8. Colts sign Mississippi RB Brandon Bolden 04/18
9. Chiefs sign Nevada WR Rishard Matthews 04/18
10. Cowboys sign SIU RB Jewel Hampton 04/18
11. Lions sign Arizona State CB Omar Bolden 04/18
12. Giants sign Memphis OG Ronald Leary 04/18
13. Packers sign Iowa OT Markus Zusevics 04/18
14. Bills sign Oklahoma DE, Frank Alexander 04/18
15. Raiders sign Iowa S Jordan Bernstein 04/18

16. Bills sign Penn State DL Jack Crawford 04/19
17. Buccaneers sign Tennessee DE/DT Malik Jackson 04/19
18. Browns sign Virginia Tech WR Jarrett Boykin 04/19
19. Texans sign Arizona LB C.J. Parrish 04/19
20. Steelers sign Wake Forest OLB Kyle Wilber 04/19
21. Chargers sign Oregon SS Eddie Pleasant 04/19
22. Giants sign Cincinnati TE Adrien Robinson 04/19
23. Raiders sign Nevada OLB Kaelin Burnett 04/19
24. Titans sign Alabama C William Vlachos 04/19
25. Falcons sign North Carolina C Cam Holland 04/19
26. Lions sign Kansas State RB Bryce Brown 04/19
27. Cowboys sign Wisconsin T Josh Oglesby 04/19
28. 49ers sign Western Oregon C Jason Slowey 04/19

29. Buccaneers sign Columbia OT Jeff Adams 04/20
30. Texans sign Virginia Tech G Jaymes Brooks 04/20
31. Browns sign Oregon G Mark Asper 04/20
32. Bills sign North Texas RB Lance Dunbar 04/20
33. Raiders sign USC DE Armond Armstead 04/20
34. Chargers sign Maryland RB Davin Megget 04/20
35. Lions sign Albion CB Chris Greenwood 04/20
36. Falcons sign Georgia DT DeAngelo Tyson 04/20
37. Steelers sign South Dakota State WR Dale Moss 04/20
38. Titans select Alabama WR Marquis Maze 04/20

39. Buccaneers sign Wisconson FB Bradie Ewing 04/21
40. Texans sign Texas A&M K Randy Bullock 04/21
41. Steelers sign Beloit TE Derek Carrier 04/21
42. Falcons sign TCU OLB/DE Braylon Broughton 04/21
43. Browns sign Hawaii DT Vaughn Meatoga 04/21
44. Giants sign California LB D.J. Holt 04/21
45. Lions sign Notre Dame S Robert Blanton 04/21
46. Raiders sign UCLA RB Derrick Coleman 04/21
47. Bills sign Louisiana Tech LB Adrien Cole 04/21

48. Buccaneers sign Clemson DE/OLB Kourtnei Brown 04/22
49. Steelers sign Ohio U. LB Noah Keller 04/22
50. Falcons sign Purdue OT Dennis Kelly 04/22
51. Texans sign Texas A&M DL Tony Jerod-Eddie 04/22
52. Browns sign Stanford WR Chris Owusu 04/22
53. Bears sign Minnesota WR Da'Jon McKnight 04/22
54. Lions sign Wayne State OT Joe Long 04/22
55. Bills sign Tennessee Tech WR Tim Benford 04/22

56. Buccaneers sign California S D.J. Campbell 04/23
57. Falcons sign N.C. State WR T.J. Graham 04/23
58. Texans sign Portland State CB/S DeShawn Shead 04/23
59. Browns sign Auburn LS Josh Harris 04/23
60. Lions sign Toledo S Desmond Marrow 04/23
61. Steelers sign University of Massachusetts WR Julian Talley 04/23

62. Buccaneers sign Old Dominion DT Ronnie Cameron 04/24
63. Falcons sign South Carolina State S/OLB Donovan Richard
64. Texans sign Ohio WR LaVon Brazill 04/24
65. Browns sign Rutgers OG Desmond Wynn 04/24
66. Lions sign Shenandoah WR Rico Wallace 04/24
67. Steelers sign Southern Mississippi LB Ronnie Thornton 04/24
68. Raiders sign Houston OLB Sammy Brown 04/24

69. Buccaneers sign Delaware OC/OG Gino Gradkowski 04/25
70. Falcons sing Portland State OT 04/25
71. Texans sign Stanford SS Delano Howell 04/25
72. Browns sign Abilene Christian RB Daryl Richardson 04/25
73. Raiders sign East Carolina OT Steven Baker 04/25
74. Lions sign Missouri-Western K Greg Zeurlein 04/25
75. Steelers sign UConnecticutt K Dave Teggert 04/25

76. Buccaneers sign Western Kentucky RB Bobby Rainey 04/26
77. Browns sign Iowa OLB Tyler Nielson 04/26
78. Texans sign Oregon TE David Paulson 04/26
79. Raiders sign UCLA FS Tony Dye 04/26
80. Falcons sign LSU QB Jordan Jefferson 04/26
81. Steelers sign North Carolina State DT/DE Markus Kuhn 04/26 5:49am last recorded post

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